Production facility Stadskanaal

Industrial designs and calculations

This strong, international player in the steel industry continuously strives for innovation and efficiency in production processes. To this end, they were recently faced with the challenge of integrating a new crane track within the existing production facility, Stadskanaal location. This project was crucial to improve workflow and increase production capacity.

To take on this challenge, we have worked intensively with our client. We not only understood the technical aspects, but also the specific needs of the company. In close consultation with this team, we have thoroughly considered the configuration that would best suit our objectives and have the least possible impact on the constructive adjustments.

The result was a tailor-made configuration that was seamlessly integrated into the existing production environment. Thanks to this new construction, goods can now be moved more efficiently and make better use of space.

This project is a perfect example of how we work together with our partners on innovative solutions that improve production processes. It demonstrates our commitment to quality and efficiency, as well as our ability to provide tailor-made solutions to our customers.

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